In 2018, Tierra expanded its Cotton portfolio in the market by acquiring the India Cotton seed businesses of Monsanto and Xylem (a DuPont Pioneer company). The rich and diverse germplasm collected and developed by the experienced breeders of Tierra and the two acquired programs has given the organization a very strong platform in Cotton breeding. Tierra’s efforts are aimed at developing upmarket products with big boll size, easy pickability, earliness, good fibre qualities with strong tolerance to pests and diseases. Our special efforts are to breed cotton for suitability to high density planting system (HDPS), sympodial type, easy pickability, short stature with synchronous maturity to help harvest the crop in one or two pickings. Special emphasis is also on utilizing male sterility trait for efficient seed production and very high genetic purity. In cooperation with CSIR-NBRI, we are focused on discovery of several economically important traits linked molecular markers (Jassid tolerance, drought, root traits, boll size, fibre quality etc.) that will help speed up novel product deliveries in near future.

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