Field Crops


The rich and diverse germplasm collected and developed by the experienced breeders of Tierra and the two acquired programs has given the organization a very strong platform in Cotton breeding.


Tierra’s Rice research has led to some breakthrough trait developments that can radically improve the hybrid rice scenario in the country.


Tierra has focused on creating diverse genetics with unique value proposition for growers, seed producers and the consumers.


At Tierra we have initiated a research program a few years back to develop multiple stress tolerant hybrids that have an oil content over 42 percent.

Vegetable Crops


At Tierra we have geared our breeding to deliver hybrids for the three major seasons viz: Rabi, Summer & Rainy seasons.


At Tierra we breed for meeting the needs of the farmers in fresh green, dual purpose, and red dry segments.


Tierra has focused its breeding program to deliver hybrids that are not only resistant to both the viruses but also have wide adaptability over seasons & geographies.

Other Crops

Fodder Crops

Soy Bean