India accounts for 6.34 million hectares (19.29 %) and 7.82 million tons (11.12 %) of the total acreage and production of rapeseeds and mustard in the world with third position after Canada and China. Rapeseeds and mustard group of crops are the second important edible oilseeds after groundnut in India and comprise eight different species viz. Indian mustard, toria, yellow sarson, brown sarson, gobhi sarson, karan rai, black mustard and taramira, which are cultivated in India.
At Tierra we have initiated a research program a few years back to develop multiple stress tolerant hybrids that have an oil content over 42 percent. We are also focused to develop new germplasm for improved plant habit that will make harvesting of the crop very easy thereby reducing harvesting costs significantly. Widening our GGMS based germplasm is another key focus area besides molecular breeding for white rust resistance.

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